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Maggie’s Farm Reviewed – Quality

Here is a review we’d like to pass along from   We are concerned about quality and this review sums it up well.


I shopped all over town until I found Maggie’s farm. There buds are dense and potent. I have shopped at Maggie’s for about 6 months when a friend of mine stopped by to smoke a little with me. The buds just crumbled into dust when i squeezed them. They also didn’t break up into much, nor did i get the buzz i normally get when consume product from Maggie’s. Don’t get me wrong free bud is good bud, but if I were going to pay for it Maggie’s is definitely the only place ill go. Not only is the bud great but the people who work there have become a part of my social network, we chit chat about this and that when I stop by and I always leave there with a little smile on my face because the people are such wonderful folks. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

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Bud Quality


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Red Barn Special 4g / $20 on 4/20

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